As a collective we organise a variety of events and every few months we create a publication of previous work. The key element in everything we do is collaboration.

We try to act as a fruitful network for artists, designers, ecologists, politicians, the city, the countryside, farmers, gardeners, dreamers, writers and everybody else who has something interesting to share. With this ever expanding network, sharing knowledge and experiences is key.

Don't hesitate to join us!

Exhibition: 'Binnenstebuiten'

Binnenstebuiten (inside out) was an open house exhibition that showed two years of collaboration. It was a two day event with art, funky music, a podcast, a maze consisting of 120m2 of white fabric, local wine and food, melting candles, a life size pinhole camera, live wall drawings, a swing, roaming chickens, vegan sausage rolls and many more exciting things.

Spatial design by: David Masson.
Graphic design by: Lindy Hengst.
Works by: Joeri Boelhouwer, Esmee Bruins, Martha Stroo, Vivian Mac Gillavry, Dagmar Pouwelse, Ada Popowicz, Zoë Sluijs, Bente de Bruin, Joy Heijnen, Nina de Bruin and all the visitors of the exhibition!

Creating the vegetable garden

In the early days of spring 2022, we invited a group of people who helped us create our vegetable garden. Together, we will enjoy the harvest somewhere in September.

Publication #1

Our first publication introduces us as a collective. It contains contributions from Lindy Hengst and Rick van der Klooster.

Publication #2

Our second publication was created after our first artist weekend with Dagmar Pouwelse. Learning how to play again was the central theme of the weekend. We built a small village of blanket forts. Eventually this weekend was turned into a publication together with graphic designer Bella Donna Nag and creative writer Vivian Mac Gillavry.

Makers cafe #1

During a makers cafe, different artist come by to discuss an ongoing project in an informal atmosphere. Every artist gives a short presentation about their work and feedback is provided by the other attendees.

Every few months, we invite another Nieuwkomer (Newcomer) to our home to start a collaborative project. This Nieuwkomer can be anyone: we invite artists but we are very open to other disciplines. So don't hesitate to contact us if you are a philosopher, a politician, a gardener, a farmer, a journalist or something completely different. Out of every collaboration we have, we create a publication. For every publication, we work with a different graphic designer and a different writer. If you're interested in getting a publication, feel free to contact us.
Costs: voluntary contribution.